Meet the founder:

Marcus Keohane




"Two young girls, whose lives and thoughts moved very quickly, wanted to try and remember the escapades of the day to share with their mum even though she was at work. One decided to blink her eyes and make a 'picture' when she was 'making a memory for mama'. The other one called this a blinx. Very soon, Mum looked forward to chatting with her daughters and sharing in their blinx that day."

I’m a Dad. I’m a Dad who luckily gets to look after his daughters. Although I deal with the predictability of the daily routine, I am also vitally rewarded by the joy of seeing the world through the eyes of my children. Throughout the week my wife  is out at work and so does not share this experience on a daily basis. I searched in vain for a platform that would help preserve and share this experience. I was uncomfortable to allow my young children to use any of the social media solutions that existed at the time. Being someone who wants to model positive behaviour for my kids, I decided to do something about this and so to embark on the journey of launching an app deigned for our family's needs. I have developed a way for our children to capture and share their spontaneity in a safe way with the family in-crowd. My blinx mobile app is it - the kindergarten for social media!

I designed and built blinx to give my children a chance to curate their own memories in a safe place,  to organise our  own proliferating collection of digital photos and to keep our in-crowd  involved even when they can not always be there. I really hope you enjoy using blinx!

Happy kids, happy parents - happy families!!

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