The next generation of social media for
the next generation


Worried about using social media for club comms? Juggling many
communication channels? Need to feel more confident to fully
introduce social media into your safe & secure club bubble?

Traditional social media brings many benefits yet there is no doubt now
that it makes our children vulnerable. Children do not have the maturity
and confidence to manage the risks they are exposed to when using social
media. Predominantly these are the dangers of: grooming, excessive use,
cyber-bullying, inappropriate content, pressure to be “socially perfect” &
the erosion of self-esteem when feeling the need to chase “likes”.

blinx4myclub is the positive alternative!

blinx4myclub is the age-appropriate sharing app for clubmates and
coaches alike:

  • Nothing is in the public domain – the app and your content is
    secure within your club
  • You are in control and your young club members are safeguarded
    – only people you invite can read and post content
  • The secure handshake – your young club members can only be
    contacted on blinx4myclub by you if your email address is in their
  • blinx4myclub acts as a “post box” – we do not store blinx. There
    is no lasting digital footprint for your young club members
  • We do not engage in surveillance marketing
  • There is no “like” feature on blinx4myclub– it has been designed
    with children’s health in mind

Coaches & clubmates love it alike. Simple, effective, and fun to use.
Coaches build up a history over time – this app captures your club
members’ journey is a wonderful way to build a memory bank for
parents and importantly is a great coaching tool.

blinx4myclub - newswire stories about sports teams, to posting training
times, to working collaboratively on athlete development. blinx4myclub
works as a closed community with its unique “handshake” – safeguarding
is designed in. This all makes blinx4myclub safe for all ages and a versatile
and more powerful alternative to traditional social media for all your more
personal & valuable club communications.


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