Preparing our kids for a world of social media

Social Media is indeed a triumph.

Having said this, even adults should be constantly aware of the trade-offs. So as caring responsible parents we should be extra vigilant and prepare our children for a world of social media. In the same way as when they learn to ride a bike, we teach our children in stages as they progress through balance bikes & training wheels to a bike that suits their needs as they grow, we should open up the world of social media to them at an appropriate time and in an appropriate way. This time will be different for different children although the tools, skills and maturity they need to navigate social media safely is not different and nor are the potential perils. The blinx app is the kindergarten for social media - preparing our kids for a world of social media.

It is estimated that children do not "know" up to 25% of the people they are connected to on social media. That's up to one in four people that have direct online access into our children's lives that they do not know.

Unlike other activities such as reading a book, baking a cake painting a picture using social media has no built in stopping cues - especially for children . These stopping cues help us control our activity - putting down the book at the end of a chapter for example. You probably recognise the scenario of dropping on to social media for a few minutes and looking up and half an hour has gone by.

There is also the unknown hazard of a lasting digital foot print on social media platforms. This is created at a time when our children are still exploring, maturing and developing in to the young adults they aspire to become.

blinx has been designed specifically for children to enjoy safely:  

  • We have built on all the good of social media (sharing ideas & memories, creativity, on-going dialogue & fun!) and tried to design out the inherent risks. 
  • blinx only allows you and your child to share with your in-crowd (people you already know) and because of this limit there are natural stopping cues when using blinx
  • blinx acts a “mail box” and we do not store any of the content after it has been delivered – only you and your in-crowds share what you want to share.
  • blinx helps you be there when you are not. blinx is the mobile app that keeps you in-touch by setting up only a small in-crowd of friends & relatives who can create and share pictures and vemo with your child.
  • Simple one-click operation this safe and secure app leaves you worry-free to enjoy key moments in your child’s day.

Children have many many many exciting ideas during their day - blinx encourages their spontaneity in a safe environment and helps them hold that thought until they see you next!!

Keeping it family

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