blinx is a safe & secure app specifically designed for kids. blinx helps families to capture memories by taking pictures, adding captions & vemo and sharing them with only their in-crowds.
blinx -
the kindergarten for social media
Jane, mum of two.

“blinx is just wonderful! It’s heart-warming to receive a blinx from one of my youngsters while I’m at work. When I chat with them about their blinx when I get home - it seems to magically transport them back to that important or exciting moment in their day. We are certainly keeping it family!”

Rob, dynamic dad.

“Its life and it’s healthy that I am not there all the time. However I do feel sometimes that we are all missing out on some of the fun! When my sons “blinx it” - and it happens a lot! - I feel our time apart is shortened and there is a greater continuity to our vital relationship. We love blinx!”

Kate, active grandma.

“Since moving away to the coast and we are a little too far away from our grandkids for that quick daily visit. blinx has been enchanting in the way it keeps me in the hearts of my growing number of grandkids. Delightful!”